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A Little Bundle Of Joy

I don't consider myself a newborn photographer, or at least I didn't before this session. A few weeks ago one of my clients here in Riverside California informed me that she had been checking around on pricing for newborn photography at local photography studios. She told me that the prices were a bit more than what she and her husband felt comfortable paying and so she asked me if I would consider doing a newborn session in her home with her one month old son Elijah. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive at first. I was thinking to myself what if I hurt the baby, what if the baby is fussy, or what if I just don't know how to work with a baby as I'd never done it before. Nevertheless, I said yes and faced my fears head on. I immediately began to plan as I always do before every shoot. I watched tons of YouTube videos and bought some props from Amazon and my local Marshall's. I looked at Pinterest for inspiration and came up with a plan to make this into an amazing In-Home newborn session. I showed up on the morning of the shoot with all my gear and props. I set about prepping the clients home by placing a large diffuser in front of her patio doors to lessen the harshness of the light coming in. I placed my Faux Fur mats on the floor and placed my basket on top of that. Inside the basket was a posing ring and some posing pillows to support the baby. On top of this I placed the other Faux Fur Mats to give baby Elijah a soft place to rest. Elijah's mom and I worked together to pick out outfits and I also brought along a few outfits that I had purchased for the shoot. She had also purchased a few Christmas props that we could use since this was going to be Elijah's first Christmas. Elijah had been thoroughly fed and was quite content so I got to work putting him into different outfits and wraps with different props and accessories. I realized a few things from this shoot. One, I actually love photographing babies and two, babies are actually not that scary to work with. Babies that are fed, warm and dry are actually pretty calm as long as you are also calm. I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much as I did photographing this little bundle of joy.

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Nov 12, 2021

You did an amazing job like always. I love your work!!!

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