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Family Portraits after Covid-19

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful family vacationing in La Quinta, CA. This was the family's first time being all together since the Covid pandemic began. There were nine adults and three children with the youngest child being almost three years old. I was a little apprehensive about the shoot because La Quinta was under a heat advisory that weekend and I also wasn't sure that the family would be comfortable getting their pictures taken during such conditions. Nevertheless, I showed up at 9am and was greeted very warmly by everyone. After introducing myself to everyone, and asking them to relax inside for a bit longer, I went outside to scout around for a spot to take their pictures. Thankfully there were some mature trees on the golf course which would allow for some open shade and was literally in their backyard. Keep in mind, It's already 105 degrees by this time. Once I had decided on a few spots to shoot in, I went back inside to let them know I was ready for them. I got them all posed together, smiling and happy, with the exception of the youngest child who started to squirm and cry as I took the first photo. I assured dad it was ok to put him down and we'd make it work. The little one who was crying decided that he wanted to stand a bit in front of the family so that's how we shot it. During several of the photos we let him do his own thing which worked well and he was happy. My assistant stood behind me and rang a little bell that I had brought along to get his attention for most of the photos. The family seemed so happy just to be together and there wasn't one negative comment about the heat. Family portrait sessions always remind me of the importance of family and togetherness. Covid took so many things from us but I think it also reminded us that there's nothing greater than the love that we share with our family.

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