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Fall Wedding at Stony Mountain Vineyards

I've been so blessed to have great friends that have become like family to me in recent years. One of those friends is Rebecca and her family . I met Rebecca in 2011 when I started working part time at what was CMC Northeast in Concord, NC. I had just started the photography program at The Art Institute of Charlotte and needed to work part time in order to keep up with the work load at school and get my degree. During one conversation at work with Rebecca I mentioned that I needed models for my portfolio. Graciously, Rebecca offered to let me photograph her daughters Tabitha (Tabby and Samantha (Sam). Of Course I was thrilled at the chance to have someone in front of my camera. We decided to meet for our first photo shoot in the small, yet charming, town of GoldHill. Tabby and Sam were super shy at first but before long they opened up to me; the weird guy they'd never met with a camera. We took lots of pictures for mom that day and I also got some great shots for my portfolio. It was a win-win situation. A month or so later Rebecca asked me if I'd take some pictures of Tabby and her friends all dressed up for their spring social at school. Needless to say, I was fast becoming the family photographer and was trusted to get the shot on many other shoots with the girls.

Fast Forward 10 years later, during which time I had moved away to California, and I receive a Facebook message from Rebecca saying that Tabby is getting married and would like me to photograph their wedding. I was super excited and very honored that they had chosen me to continue capturing their special moments. Of course, I said I'd love to and the planning began. The wedding day, November 20th, was such a beautiful fall day at Stony Mountain Vineyards in the rolling hills of Albemarle NC. The air was a crisp 50 degrees and fall leaves littered the ground. Everyone was rushing around putting the final details on the wedding venue and there I was watching this once shy teenager taking steps towards becoming a married woman. I realized a few things that day. One, Tabby was all grown up and that time had passed so quickly. Also, that her little sister Samantha was not so little anymore, but instead a senior in highSchool. I also realized that I actually felt like part of the family. Tabitha and her family trusted me enough to capture the images from one of the most important days of her life and that speaks volumes to me. I hope you enjoy these images from Tabatha and Mason's beautiful fall wedding. I sure enjoyed taking them!

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