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Wrightwood Desert Elopement

I'm a bit behind on blogging some of my sessions so I thought I'd take the time to catch up on some of them. This particular blog features my friends Anna and Chris who had a beautiful and very intimate elopement in Wrightwood in May of 2022. Anna and Chris share a love for vintage cars, travel, and nature. They're such a beautiful couple and it's very obvious just how much they love each other. Anna and I had worked together on some other photography projects in the past so I was super excited and honored when she asked me to photograph her elopement and the reception which took place the following week. They wanted their small ceremony to take place in nature as they love the outdoors. They found the perfect spot in front of a Joshua Tree in the desert right before sunset. There was a total of 7 people present and it was such a moving ceremony. I was wiping away tears while trying to capture every moment. The following weekend we gathered in Victorville to celebrate their elopement with friends and family.

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